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Comes with plastic radome complete, low profile. These outstanding 12 volt rv air conditioner are durable enough to last for a long time and are known to perform the cooling function consistently. Yes and No It’s definitely nice to have one when you camp in really hot weather where it doesn’t cool down much at night (the wife will be happy!) craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events 2014. But I’m sure on one of the next trips (perhaps Florida?) Its compact size allows it to be installed in a variety of places without taking much space. Dec 1, 2015 - K20D 12v air conditioner. Sold as it is untested, I removed it because i didnt need it. In this case it’s a “standard” 14″ x 14″ square hole. US $1000-$1600 / Set ... Thermo kingtec RV AC 220V caravan air conditioner. So don’t leave your dog in the van when it’s hot outside. Then you have to cut the flexible fabric duct material to the correct length and couple it to the ceiling assembly using the included VHB tape. The downside is that they are quite a bit more expensive. These are fairly inexpensive and generally use less energy than the rooftop options. thanks for the tip – I check what I can do with moving the panels around. Our goal is to provide second to none customer service promptly and at a fair price. According to this guy’s testing, the honda eu2000 will run a 15k btu A/C but will not start the compressor without the EasyStart 364 soft starter or something like it: Brief Introduction of E-Clima2200 heavy equipment 12 volt air conditioner. I am running an old 11.5K btu 120VAC rooftop a/c unit that came wirh this old Forest River Conversion 2003 Sprinter 2500 high roof longest wheelbase. Product Group: Automotive Parts and Accessories. Where did you find the 12v a/c? Kingtec KSY series Only roof unit and control Panel, you will need buy a/c compressor . motorhome air conditioning unit 12V. I had the AC unit’s thermostat set to about 72 degrees. The Kingtec Solar Power Rooftop Air Conditioner for RV is ... You can also purchase two 110v inverters to run on AC power (wall or a generator). There are a ton of options available. It only works when we’re plugged into shore power as the power draw is to big for the inverter and battery setup. The roof is strong enough to hold the AC unit. Browse. Does anyone have any intel from a successful conversion like that? list of products we use on our builds, Read more about our contributions and who benefits. First is that they are fully road-tested. There is a separate control for the thermostat – turn it one way to set the temp lower (warmer) and the other way to make it cooler. In other words, this scale will help you determine what the best RV air conditioner is for your RV. In any case, you can jump to that section of this post. TKT-160E Electric Bus Air Conditioner(Bus Length 6M) TKT-260E Electric Bus Air Conditioner(Bus Length 9-10M) TKT-380E Electric Bus ac Unit (Bus Length 12M) TKT-420E Electric Bus Air Conditioner(Bus Length 12-13M) Caravan Air Conditioner. I knew that I needed this frame to line up with the structural ribs in the van where I would be attaching my ceiling panels. The downside is that they are bulky and take up quite a bit of space. It includes an internal solar charge control, and optional external batteries can be installed (eight 6volt batteries). I am working to do the very same thing. Publisher: KINGTECUSA. I have seen a few people install these into a camper van. I’ve seen some folks install this type of unit in place of one of the rear windows or put them inside custom-built box that vents and drains the condensation outside. Evaporator fan 18). Hello! A convenient window mounted AC, the K25Z-4 represents the Genesis of affordable, solar energy-powered solutions from Kingtec. It has 4 settings. These tend to be as expensive as a rooftop AC so I suppose the advantage is not taking up any roof space or improved aerodynamics? using a MPPT solar controller (highest efficiency) this yields around 7-8 amps. Personally, I don’t like the idea of idling the van engine for long periods of time. $723.56 $ 723. Therefore, I have about 200 amp hours of usable capacity. Used by Outside Van. 1 Unit (Min. What is the measurement of the wood to the opening of the hole. Sold as it is untested, I removed it because i didnt need it. Go. 12V system is empty 24V system to connect voltage checking line 12). TKT-40SD Caravan Air Conditioner TKT-40THIN Caravan Air Conditioner TKT-30UB Caravan Air Conditioner US $500.00-$1000 / Set . Solar assisted air conditioning with cooling capacity 16000 and 32000 BTU. In these conditions the AC unit cycled on about every three minutes and ran for about 3 minutes. You’ll need a 14″ x 14″ opening in the roof to install the AC unit. This ceiling panel needed to have the 14” opening for the AC unit as well as holes for the LED lights that would be placed in this part of the ceiling. Coleman Thermostat 6535-3442 Only for Coleman basement unit Our Price: $11,130.00 (1) Coleman 48068-879 61384 Mach Power Saver Solar Heat Pump Upper Unit 13500 BTU … Finally, all air conditioners create condensation and you need a way for this to drain somewhere – either outside or into your grey water holding tank. No noise, give truck drivers a quiet and pleasant sleeping time at night. Hi Jamie, The bottom line on those 120 volt AC-powered rooftop air conditioners is that you really need shore power or a generator to run them consistently for any length of time. TKT electrical A/C pay attention to reduce fuel costs. Enjoying this thread! The Dometic Cool Cat provides heating and cooling in small spaces. Probably the most difficult part of the installation was getting the roughly 90 pound beast up onto the roof. There’s no way around the fact that air conditioners use a lot of electricity. Primarily, I think a lot of the units you're looking at are AC powered and need a lot more of the cars power to achieve those BTU numbers. Under very good conditions (direct sun, mid-day, etc.) I also had a 2,500 watt Onan genset that I can power when boondocking. do you know if a honda eu2000 will power this? Did they bother the installation in getting the unit clamped down properly to make the gasket seal around the hole? On these units, the condenser is mounted outside the vehicle and the evaporator is mounted inside. My van has 2x 200 amp hour AGM batteries for a total of 400 amp hours. on the ladder up the roof) and the ceiling assembly with the air vents and controls for the AC. You have two ears and one mouth. This eliminates large inverters to start that load. The last few steps wrap up the installation with the ceiling assembly. So, if you’re interested, keep an eye on the blog or be sure to follow us on social media. Kingtec's window solar air Conditioner Model K25Z-4 is a 16,000 BTU (4.7 kW of cooling capacity) device that runs on clean energy and weighs just 200 pounds. You could add more panels and even higher output panels but there just isn’t enough room on a van roof to generate enough solar energy for such a power hungry appliance. Check my build for a roof top air conditioner install on an NCV3 Sprinter: So, a simple way to think about the consumption is 2 amp hours per minute when the compressor is running. Even though the 120 volt AC draw for the unit is only around 1270 watts you need a pretty hefty inverter to “start” the unit. Located in Tweed Heads So, even when the AC unit is not cycling on, there is a roughly 18 amp (12 volt DC) draw. I am looking to buy a 2005 Sprinter and interested in installing an AC in the rear. Portable Units The Dometic Cool Cat provides heating and cooling in small spaces. Only, mine is my 2015 passenger van. 10 Sets (Min. Basically, an air conditioner needs a lot more power to “start” the compressor running that is needed to keep it running. I have read that this gasket is large enough to absorb the bumps on the roof making the external part of the install easy. In fact, we sell a few of what I consider the best 12 volt alternatives to standard rooftop air conditioners in our store. Comes with plastic radome complete, low profile. I can only assume that the roof layout in your 2015 NCV3 is similar to my T1N and if this is the case you shouldn’t have any issues fitting a standard rooftop A/C. A 5K BTU air conditioner would have been hopelessly inadequate in my van. My van is well insulated with Thinsulate in the walls and ceiling and in hot (but reasonable) conditions the unit only runs the compressor for about 3 minutes and then turns off for about 10 minutes until repeating the cycle. The AC unit is centered but the exact location from the back was given by the width of the solar panels. This evaporative (swamp) air conditioner can be powered by 12 Volt battery or solar panel. That would be in a place like Georgia in the summer at night. Locked Rotor Amps: 63. The ambient temperature was around 78 degrees but quite humid. The dash unit is wholly inadequate in the Deep South so I replaced the oem 12VDC alternator with a high output 270A 6 phase unit, typically used on ambulance conversions. Connect the negative terminal of battery 14). All the walls and ceiling panels were made from 1/4” luan type plywood that came sanded and primed which I eventually painted. My final choice was a Coleman Mach 8 unit with 13,500 BTU, which is one of the lightest and smallest units available: it just weighs 90 lbs and is just 8.25 inches high. I didn’t see any change in mileage after installing the AC on the roof. Thread starter Kingtec.USA; Start date Dec 9, 2020; Tags 12vdc aftermarket air conditioning conversion kingtec ktd; 1; 2; Next. 159 to secure your Quiet Air Conditioner! Our website uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I see that its centered between structural pillars, but whats holding it….. What’s left is to install the power line and the ceiling assembly with the air vents and controls and you’re good to go. What companies in Atlanta will install a Coleman unit owned by you. Also they are reasonably affordable. It also draws less amps than most competitors. First night camping with the freshly installed unit on top we had a thunderstorm with heavy rainfall and nothing was leaking. We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. How often the compressor needs to kick on and how long it runs depends on the temperature and sun exposure. Will it run off the battery alone ? The hotter the environment the larger the drop. no – also the rear AC requires the engine to run to operate the AC compressor for the back. Nice post man. Again, there was a long break between securing the AC and finishing up the installation while I worked on other projects. So there is that part. $279.00 $ 279. I see some conversation above on that subject but nothing conclusive about how to do it. I will likely just stick with they way you did yours, and use a generator, like a Honda EU 2000. As I have previously mentioned around the site, my Dad owns an electric 1979 Ford Courier pickup, and is cool enough to let me drive it around. These powerful and productive 12 volt rv air conditioner not only cool the air inside your room but also help in controlling the humidity present, thus offering a comfortable temperature inside. Batteries alone won’t work reliably. Any shadow cast from the AC unit to the solar panels will significantly reduce the output of the panel. And I thought a little background information on each company, could help you feel more comfortable about making a decision. Part Number: K25DZ . How are you planning on running it...with a battery bank? where did you buy the solar panels? Next I prepared the ceiling panel for that first (front most) section of the ceiling. Used by Outside Van. The unit has a low sleek profile of 3.7”, streamlined (no wind noise) and it’s sexy as hell. Weighing in at only 25lbs you’ll be less top-heavy and save on payload. Recently, Coleman has introduced a newer and supposedly much quieter rooftop AC unit called the Mach 10 NDQ. Located in Tweed Heads . Unwanted to see if you could offer any advice on what I should be looking for…. I’ve seen some camper van builds that use other types air conditioners in creative ways. Kingtec.USA Kingtec USA. Kingtec products are specifically designed for the harsh and variable Australian climate conditions. A convenient window mounted AC, the K25Z-4 represents the Genesis of affordable, solar energy-powered solutions from Kingtec. Also, would love to see the interior pics of the AC unit! Installation is fairly simple actually. They are pricey at about $4K. Kingtec YQZ500/YQZ800 It appears to be a bit more energy efficient as well and is available with a more sophisticated “ceiling assembly” with digital controls. I do not know if I will always have power to plug into like what you would use in a camper. You can find a good selection of units on. My 9200 BTU Mach 8 “Cub” only runs on 120 volt AC power and draws around 11.7 amps or 1270 watts when plugged directly into shore power.

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