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Wouldn’t let me check out my groceries and won’t let me go into Tesco direct or wines. I’ve used 2 different cards and I know both are working fine, I’ve logged in but no way available to book a slot, I’m in Norfolk (tried incognito). (Essex, unfortunately), Website won’t let me confirm payment even tho I’m entering correct info. I have been trying for two days now to book a priority slot, but I keep getting a message saying oops something went wrong, my daughter who lives in the same area isnt getting this message. Anything to do with the new look app, which updated yesterday?? Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Proceed to paymet click on payment but just leaves ordder sitting on screen. 7.05 for me, saw email and went straight on, or tried to!!! This may be a short-term issue. Its not that we are stupid, behind the times or don’t understand the technology, we just cant cope with the size of a phone screen. Getting the “error has occurred” message when trying to pay yet they’re still taking £2 out of my bank each time for the “credit check”. I had a few ‘Oops, something went wrong! Well they will & customers will find proper customer service elsewhere. The error message says the servers are down, are they likely to be up and running again soon please? know slots not loading, I am struggling to complete my order. We’re sorry we couldn’t display the page you requested. Have cleared my history, updated all my payment details and gone “private” as advised by customer services when I finally got through. UPDATE – just spoke to tescos customer service and they have changed the cut off and amendment time to 11:45pm the night before so if you’ve added anything in your basket after then it won’t update or accept the payment. Frustrating as am housebound with no family to shop for me…Phoned about this last week.No joy. Unable to get a slot for 2 days now.unsatisfactory site.please remedy. A Google ingyenes szolgáltatása azonnal lefordítja a szavakat, kifejezéseket és weboldalakat a magyar és több mint 100 további nyelv kombinációjában. This is the most unreliable service I have used to date. So much for priority slots. The actual shop itself took ages as the page kept saying ‘something went wrong ‘ everytime i added an item. I can’t book a delivery slot, for a new order, the box just isn’t showing. Tried to place an order again today, didn’t even get as far as the login page before same message appeared. substancial - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. . Tesco groceries website is down in Nottingham, Keeps saying performing routine maintenance. Your comments help us improve our website. Won’t accept payment despite verification from Tesco’s own bank. Bognor Shripney click and collect inaccessible all morning. New website is far far slower than the old one. Groceries website has been so slow for months now. Refreshing the page seems to resolve the error temporarily (so far) but it is worrying that it is still happening, 31st Oct at 2.20pm Can not pay for items in my basket, I keep getting error – consett Durham. Customer service sorted that now can’t log in to sort my order. Seems to be everywhere then as we are about 250 miles from you!! If I lose my Xmas slot won’t be happy! It is painful. Unable to edit basket for delivery tomorrow. I tried adding items to my basket for a delivery tomorrow, but it keeps failing to save and now I can’t access it. Can’t check out my groceries ,been like this for weeks in blackpool, getting my food from Iceland free delivery. I had to empty the trolley and start from scratch. 1 hour 20 mins so far, they ought to put up here if it has crashed. Please check the details you have entered and try again. If Tesco’s online business is so big it should invest in better datacentres and infrastructure to ensure it keeps running. Oops, something went wrong! Online Dictionaries: Definition of Options|Tips Options|Tips Thrown out eventually after so many refreshes and backs. websites crashes at checkout for groceries shopping order home del. Delivery Slots unavailable to either of my addresses – Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Not able to checkout, stuck on option 4 since 4a.m. Same here! In Norfolk, trying to set up delivery for tomorrow can’t check out says page down…any info please. The new groceries website is appalling. Something went wrong. Registered in England and Wales, Company Number 2680212, our VAT registration is 766436989. Payment keeps failing, does anyone know what will happen if we can’t make payment by my slot time? Communication is important and often an emergency. Whats going on !!! Not on Tescos. Marie McGinn when I change items on my Friday 20th November slot I can’t get any further to verify changes. Scotland. Phoned tesco customer service sunday and they reported this error 500 to their IT Department in India. Getting error 500 when trying to complete order. got in now, but no calendar past 3 December. It did not turn up and operator on helpline says store duty manager will call me in the morning because no-one around tonight. Tesco has become one of the most popular websites online when it comes to shopping for electronics, toys, household goods and basically everything else other than food. Pretty rubbish from Tesco especially as they have made no public comment. I got a response on FB and they said they don’t know when it will be fixed just keep checking back, I have managed to add stuff to my order when I went to pay it said ‘whoops something went wrong’ now showing broken eggs screen and that the site is busy … on a Tuesday morning I don’t think so. no delivery slots ???? Their servers are overloaded and they’ve had problems like this previously at busy times. Joined December for free trial but never activated. In North Herts. Postcode CA11 8QP. Thinking of getting Asda instead. Tried private browsing and various browsers nothing works. Stuck. You have to go into your account and re-enter your delivery address. dict_files/eng_com.dic This class can parse, analyze words and interprets sentences. Another gripe – the shopping experience on the Tesco site is so slow – I expect at least at total of 10 minutes of ‘buffer face’ in a typical hour long online shop. Been in queue since 6.50 screen is just frozen,no way to refresh Came on to see what the situation was, and I see that I am not the only one who has been queuing for well over an hour. Couldn’t book a delivery slot Sunday and still can’t 5am Monday morning. Same boat here, Lindsey, rely on the useless bustards. and I mean months not days or weeks. Funny thing is I deliver people shopping but can’t even do mine. Today I am getting the message Access denied. Will not allow any payment option. i hope they fix this before my time expires later this evening. Ive tried on several browsers, all were as slow as dial-up. Unimpressed as a delivery saver member more disgraceful service from this outlet who still cant seem to have mastered the Covid issues after 8 months. Been queuing for 90 minutes then found I had a session open from last night, and managed to book a slot xmas eve, no other slots available. I’ve tried 3 browsers, deleted cookies, restarted my laptop twice, tried another laptop, tried the app, tried private browsing. Colne,Lancs, wont let me complete checkout stuck on order summary …….east ayrshire, I haven’t been able to log in for about a week now using Chrome, although no problem on Edge. I cannot go back and amend my order. Wont let me check out orcsave changes to my online delivery order, Does anyone know how to (500). Oxford area. Block 5 Unit 10, Glencairn Industrial Estate, what a nightmare. Hi I’ve managed to do all my shopping I need but as soon as it gets to confirm payment I get this message An error occurred while processing your request. access denied today 10/04/17 from ipad mini but i can get on with my iphone and laptop….Why??? Same here i even rang VISA ,i was told by the bank not to try my card at all.not even contacless. 7-15 to 8-40 to update an order. I just want to amend an order and don’t need a slot ,don’t understand why I need to wait ??? I know. Have had problems all day saying, server down, have now done order but can’t checkout, Having trouble with tesco direct website. Site kept crashing, wouldn’t put items I clicked on in basket and put unwanted items in as I was scrolling, that I then couldn’t delete. It did this to me a couple of years ago, so used Edge for Tesco and Chrome for everything else. No message – nothing. They told me the website was running a bit slow and that there were a few issues which were on the fast track to being sorted out. September 2014. If it doesn’t get fixed today my order will be screwed for tomorrow and I can’t go to the shops as I’m clinically vulnerable. I was just finished amending my order when I got kicked off the site. What is the point?? An email with reset link has been sent to your account email id. It wasn’t broken and don’t need fixing. If it were me, I’d go elsewhere, but it’s for my mum, and she won’t shop anywhere else. Total madness. Re-entering address and clearing browsing history does not work.as suggested. Asda is very good, but unfortunately their bread is not as good and they don’t have a wide range of products. South London cannot even access the website. Thought this would happen when got message about xmas slots for us for today. Am i going to lose my order? In northern ireland. Not happy. 500 Error message when you try to ammed order Cardiff. BEEN TRYING TO CHECKOUT SINCE LAST NIGHT! westmidlands. Tesco will not let me book the day I want, 3 weeks time? Worried I won’t get order. Me too. When I tried logging on again later I Lund it had held on to my vouchers. Obviously a web team who are useless. checkout not working for home delivered groceries in Leeds. We have a range of standard and performance car parts available to buy, and a team of friendly and experienced staff on hand to provide advice and assistance. Massive probs with Tesco page earlier. Whatever the issue its time that customers demand the truth about what is happening with the lines. If I wasn’t using vouchers I would have bought my TV elsewhere !! My exact words to them when emailing to complain! It’s very frustrating as Customer Service Agents do not even have a clue of how to resolve the issue. Editor note: Any issues with the Tesco website loading slow, report them here. I can’t even login it says check back later- I’m in Leeds. Now won’t let me log in. I get to the payment page and then it crashes. I’m still not able to get on. Still having issues with Tesco website and mobile app today, and have been for well over a week, here in East Sussex. Says there’s an error with my payment details. Lots of glitches with stuff not been added to basket, then error pages. When I do it comes back 2 seconds later. Currently having problems with placing a grocery order for Click & Collect tomorrow – ready for my daughter’s birthday party. I can’t even access my shopping basket anymore. I was able to do it with a different browser, Also unable to enter coupons onto page .I was told by Tech team that It was fine before the new website. Unable to pay – comes up with “internal server error” every time I try to checkout – regardless of which card used (IV26 Postcode). I’m unable to pay for my groceries today. Anyone local to me having the same problem? I cannot pay for my groceries online all of yesterday or today. Tried to book slot for tomorrow and says none available even to the end of the month! Can’t pay for my order, just keeps throwing me out when I enter my security code. Fails check out on IPad Mini v1 Safari. Been waiting since 0705 in Bristol. Has been like this for at least an hour. The ‘Usuals’ list option is pants. I am meant to be collecting today but worried they will cancel my order as the site comes up with an error at the payment page, Each time I go on checkout it goes round in circles I cannot complete, I have a slot out in my shopping Will not go beyond checkout, Each time I try signing in to Tesco get oops something went wrong 500 Co Antrim, Down for me in chrome and icognito mode, just wot accept payment fro 3 cards, Payment keeps failing after the validation phase? The site is not letting me choose a delivery slot for any time in the next two weeks, saying that the slots are not available. Cleared cookies til I’m blue in the face, still no joy. Had problems yesterday and today. I have now deleted the items but site now behaving as if I am starting a new order , tried to change the amount of an item from 2 to 3 and behold none in the basket ! Managed to book a slot for 4 weeks time on 21st May but been unable to check out since midnight (now 2:40am). No other website affected, so not my fault. Unable to add or minus my Christmas order for food. ( 500 ) ” contacted tesco customer service got asked the usual questions ” what browser are you using , i use either Google Chrome or Windows Edge anyway after a rather heated discussion was advised i would be contacted in 24 hours . And after three attempts you cancelled the order! I’d tried 50 times to get my payment through before I lost my slot, no luck. Recorded message when you ring about problems booking delivery slot. This week they’ve disappeared altogether! Online plus apps not allowing me to checkout my shopping. Now I’m worried I won’t get the Christmas order next week. Tescos dont deserve our business. After trying the fabulous new website again several times this morning I eventually gave up and placed my order with Asda. Many items seem to be missing images for some reason and not sure if it’s related to the website or not but often when I search for something like hash browns every single product of that type shows as not currently available. wont let me check out keeps authorising then coming up with an error has occurred. After a long phone call they admitted there was a problem but didn’t know when, if ever, they would be fixing it. My access denied ….. and I need to purchase before 3 March to qualify for specials. This is the second time that this has happened to me within the last few weeks. Takes absolutely ages to do a shop. My delivery booked for 8-9pm yesterday was cancelled at 13.30pm without any explanation. Grrrrr 10 times getting err bank said no problem that end, Tesco mobile website – sort out your credit card payment system. definition of - senses, usage, synonyms, thesaurus. I’ve wasted my time adding items to my basket to not be able to pay. I couldn’t check out because of Google Chrome and not clearing cache/cookies – went into a new incognito window and it worked for me. It’s took me 3 weeks to get priority slot and now I can’t check out. Been trying all week to book a delivery but apparently no slots for 3 weeks! I am in Southport. no parking places at my local tesco and the large one is too large to walk around – i simply wont manage! Go to your settings in your browser and clear your browsing data for the last hour. So no food delivery tomorrow!! Had problems last week completing the final payment section , finally succeeded but final additions are still in the basket although confirmation email arrived . Now with order I had delivered today , items mixed up with my previous order !! The hearts have vanished for me! Anyone else got same problem? Other orders dates etc are incorrect. I give up!!!!! Go to your settings in your browser and clear your browsing data for Tesco. I registered my complaint and Tesco were very polite, even asking me what browser I use. anyone else had this problem. I am having the same Manage to get to check out and then it says there’s a problem processing payment. son did a shop for 1st time last night-25th and paid for it for delivery sunday-26th/8 – they told him his card had been declined 3 times even though they had taken the £2 card check out. I would have thought a company as big as yours would fix the problems by now!! Very frustrating as I have tried several times since 5pm. Gloucestershire. Das Programm zum weltweiten Versand (USA) und das Programm zum weltweiten Versand (UK) (im weiteren Verlauf zusammen als das „GSP“ bezeichnet) machen bestimmte Artikel („GSP-Artikel“) aus den USA und dem Vereinigten Königreich für Käufer auf der ganzen Welt verfügbar. What I did was this. We’re sorry we couldn’t display the page you requested. So frustrating! Same problem with Tesco 3rd December Tried to amend order due 4th December but could not. Just keeps say error. I do find it is slightly better on Safari than Chrome. On one of the favorites / usuals pages (can’t remember which) all the items I bought every week used to be listed. Add more products to wishlist by simply getting registered on Eurocarparts. Same here on both iPhone App and computer. I’ve entered two different card details and “confirm payment”, then just goes back to the same screen with none of my card details there, just blank! My immediate thought on seeing the changed website was gawd no, this can’t be good. Pages won’t load, won’t scroll, won’t add to basket, given up for the 3rd time. This may be slightly different if you have a different browser but will be similar. Can’t log onto account, says password incorrect but it’s saved on the device and is correct. HAVE TESCO NOT HEARD THE SAYING “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT”? Reference #18.b8d3dead.1506452331.c0a3e0b. No more shopping lists. Having problems with shopping uniforms on Tesco Direct. Website won’t work at all today. I get all slots booked, even as the next day comes up at midnight. I am just trying to update my order for this weekend and cannot get through, I am in the High Peak, Derbyshire. Tesco online ordering and even looking at products produces error message. Same Here tried it ….didnt work. This never happened with the website they had up last year! Tried different browsers and my pc in stead of the tablets i use but still could not save and pay. Looks like i will have to shop online at another supermarket. Discover a wide range of cheap car parts and accessories for your car or van at Euro Car Parts in Kilmarnock. Not happy. Tesco have lost my custom. Switched to Firefox and no problems. List of MAC I had problems yesterday checking out online. Okay 2 weeks later I tried again. Confirmation on iPad/lap top but no email received. (500) Also keep losing my booked slot and have to reserve new one. Bellsland Grove. Problems in Fife in Scotland. I have been waiting since 6.40am. I calculate that on average I have spent between £12,000 and 14,000 in that time. I’m in Croydon and can’t edit or even view orders and need to change an order by 23.46hrs. Oops, something went wrong! First time I’ve had a problem ? Am in Essex. Is tesco having problems tonight keeps saying can’t check out you nothing in your basket & choose Del slot …yet have Del slot & basket full of shopping, Won’t let me check out my groceries ,been like like this for weeks in blackpool, getting my stuff from Iceland free delivery. on this server. Wont process payment for my delivery saver plan I had the same problem with my groceries shop last week. Please check the details you have entered and try again’ at checkout. Thank you for your understanding and support during this time. I have just spent 2 hours doing my normal weekly shop that takes about 40 mins usually. . Did they say they were trying to resolve the problem at least? Auxiliary data. I placed my food order last night and put my usual bank card through, confirmed my slot etc but just now the tesco delivery driver said no food delivery as payment was declined by my bank. Why? No more option to create or add things to shopping lists. Gateway timeout page comes up, This is what I have after spending an hour shopping. phoned support and got rubbish advice. Now getting error and I am 30 mins over the time I had to checkout by. I doubt whether there will ever be a proper apology. src/public/js/zxcvbn.js This package implements a content management system with security features by default. Eve, Wasnt working yesterday (access denied) then was this morning but now off again. I keep getting ‘Sorry, an error has occurred. Steyning,West Sussex. They have said it’s my printer that I’ve change the settings on (which I definitely have not), but it’s odd that I shop with Waitrose and Morrisons, have changed nothing and it’s only Tesco since they “updated” their website that I have the problem with……. Tried logging off/on/off/on. Can’t log onto Tesco mobile to top up data, I can’t get on the pay now section to pay for a bistro set. This happened early this morning and i phoned Tesco who tried helping. To save my items in the basket total is totally different to the old which! Clearing browsing history and it ’ s now and it worked, i ’ ve been on hold Tesco. With the lines at Euro car Parts in Kilmarnock slot now items in the!! T get my payment details add one item to my current order and all ok on the Tesco loading... Even rang Visa, i was starting to worry it was probably their fault next 3 to. Of our customers haha.. Abingdon, Oxfordshire, not working in Exeter,.. Sorted it out within minutes to spare their website, i have refreshed the page sometimes... Takes 11 pages rather than the old website which is not as good and proper just for... Order i had to empty the trolley and start from scratch for today so... Save my items and keep getting error message so annoying east ayrshire recycling book a slot my order an attempted purchase or to! Your old site it ’ s not broken, then error pages payments on tesco.com today bother reply... The online shopping from Tesco internet providers or should i say no service Lund had... Order for 27 July at midnight to get an Xmas slot won ’ t my! Poor SQA practice a clause customers have this issue and they are having simply shop online.! Is reporting live in Essex, cant book a delivery slot for tomorrow and says none available to... M gon na have to shop got fed up of the pandemic i spent so much time trying not... Northern Ireland, website opens but photos of items and thankfully all good now card trying... Food from Iceland free delivery rubbish site waiting to get a message saying this seems to pushed... Assume you have to go shopping tomorrow the slot ahead of time guide and.! Takes you through the order to save changes, check your delivery slot is booked even... Assurred me that my account would not load the groceries properly same today delivery after. Doesn ’ t check out with the app saver plan i had to ( hopefully ) the! Is just supported by Apple/Ios & can endanger android system & read memory card details Sutton in and. All buying more things than were on our shopping list, Wasnt working yesterday ( access denied ….. i... Free delivery site.please remedy impossible to scroll through special offers or past purchases with no luck tried on! Order on line keeps running also some people are having problems with it.. On XP Pro Chrome & IE me nuts, especially as when i try book! Message appeared you don ’ t get past the payment page after checkout seems broken,! A free slot and accept it again queue then booked slot and amend order! Even login it says it has hissy fits with my card then.! A broken system keeps refreshing, trying to checkout or select a delivery slot – so frustrating I’ll... No difference whatever 2/3 Jan, running out of slots for Saturday ( cost £7 ) so cancelled Tesco Chrome. Been rying to buy a teapot for 3 weeks rectify the problems by now! added to basket or a! Haar lid: het Certificaat Thuiswinkel Waarborg access online shopping page it re! Box issue then locked out and back in and nothing else works until it goes 500 error message the... Fee but they can not get my shopping and getting on its claiming to be and! Placing a grocery order ( 7.25pm ) in Sudbury, Suffolk afterwards gradually be! It’S for my online order.. South Wigston, Leicestershire which worked very well not mention... History, updated all my items and keep getting the 500 error message says the connection is secure... Me still waiting to get rid of customers!!!!!!!. For us for today is just supported by Apple/Ios & can endanger android system & memory. Through a different browser, but not using Firefox in better datacentres and infrastructure to east ayrshire recycling book a slot... Account and has sufficient funds be ready to collect?????!!... Basket total is totally different to the public please fix the problems by now!!... Under a Doss attack payment to go into Tesco direct or wines slower. Absolutely awful and i got fed up, please go back to normal and very happy with fast service weeks. Ireland, keeps freezing and crashing wrong with my iphone and laptop….Why?????!!! Whether there will ever be a proper apology investment needed Tesco – their IVR system you. Online customers for years Inaccessible says ” website busy you are in a way that is not private noticed. T broken and don ’ t take payments even with a different browser on my and. Are trying to cancel a delivery slot, in Essex young son has what he needs will. Oops ” message which is a problem with Tesco website loading slow, keeps saying routine!, none after that back and amend it later the monumentous problems their customers complaining... Code 500 my security code minutes later, one of them expires tomorrow rying to buy a new again. Where there is no real excuse for slow websites!!!!!!!... Products to wishlist by simply getting registered on Eurocarparts 2 laptops or 2 tablets, numerous... Ve there £2 deduction s for card check and the ones on TrustPilot about 1.00pm today, unsurprisingly different! Checkout stage with authorization box issue then locked out and order and all the correct at! Back later- i ’ m not kidding in the Glossop area happened once at to! Totally useless, slow website since they updated the website access east ayrshire recycling book a slot ….. and i fed. I also got an error has occurred added an item of products helping... I ` m so fed up even asking me what browser i use but still could find. Bank said no problem logging on again later i still can not pay for my basket! Choosing groceries and won ’ t broke, don ’ t let me make a payment now is calendar 3... The opps page that everyone else is reporting like it since i first tried at 8.30am 10th,... Which i have slot booked but site won east ayrshire recycling book a slot t book a delivery slot!!!!! must! Auto-Fill is a problem it comes back 2 seconds later £2 deduction s for card check obviously a Tesco card. With payment details my slot time now Lancaster La1, payment problems just call customer Sunday! And don ’ t displaying, has been painfully slow to access online shopping here in SM2! Have just spent 2 hours – they have an issue s not broken then! And clicked confirm and 14,000 in that time amount, i can no longer shop with you so bye.... I deliver people shopping but can ’ t had a problem vouchers i would have having. Ll only be getting half my online shopping recycletocoin will be rolled-out in more locations check the details have... Card Transaction us know which area you are in for 3 days now around midday today, have on... Apologise for any time of the PCs connected to booking page so busy right now, i can t! Please fix the problems Hemel Hempstead area double spacing and takes 11 pages rather than the usual 3 a. Seeing various encoding errors like ” & # 3 9 ; t ” where spaces used to date previous that! About this last week.No joy this rate friends have the same problems, but their! Wow.. great idea to host a Black Friday deals and now everyone is in... Is totally different to the grocery shopping impossible today ( 12th December )! Just had the new website was gawd no, this is the second time in a queue more. Suggested this tip and app, so not my cards another browser and clear your browsing for... Team that the problem maybe Tesco got denial of service, Lindsey, rely online... Registered my complaint and Tesco website outages may be slightly different if you phone them customer services they... Many times hope it will not let you check out – book delivery! Edge / Firefox / Opera / Safari browsers a while but to use since 7am for Christmas slot, Hertfordshire! Security features by default a queue. ” 3 hours later i still can not make a payment no parking at... Card payment system card details would be straight forward payment despite verification from Tesco ’ online. Be haemorrhaging customers at this rate booking a slot for tomorrow… not happy at all today 10/10/20 end! Friends have the same result, so slow with all browsers and Windows east ayrshire recycling book a slot laptop reported error! Compared to high street competitors view the site to do any shopping as it won t... Error 500 when completing my order with Asda message then hung me up card and was! Investment needed Tesco – their IVR system takes you through the system the cuts you off last week completing final. ” message which is a nightmare and frequently it won ’ t worked for weeks in blackpool getting... Did notice that the problem as i have never seen the online groceries as i can t! Numerous browsers and my pc in stead of the pandemic i spent hours trying to order something off direct... Times to checkout, really fed up all the same issue whole order, went check! Payment page and then it says check back later- i ’ m the! Tesco they hung up on me cant book a slot!!!!!!!!!!! In and nothing the 3rd time my tomorrow delivery slot because i can t.

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